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Design: "It's Personal"

Every client experiences the luxury of having four, very creative, energetic and responsible individuals working together as a team. Moving quickly and effectively, we bring your vision to life and deliver the finished product that exceeds your expectations.

Nan Conway


"What I do is very personal. Whether residential or commercial, people respond positively to well-designed space. I love to meet, listen, and observe the customer, and I cherish each opportunity to make dreams come true. The satisfied smiles that come at the end of a job well done are my greatest reward."

Nan Conway achieved her goal of establishing and operating an interior design company in 2004. With an uncanny eye for color, style, and design, Nan has taken n.d. designs to the top of the industry in Tallahassee in a very short time. Her warm and outgoing personality makes her the perfect ambassador for n.d. designs, and she couples that with an extraordinary work ethic and uncompromising desire to provide the best service possible. The perfect professional scenario encompasses being permitted to do what you love and her passion for design is exhibited in her work.

A native of Jacksonville, Florida and graduate of Florida State University, Nan is never content with the status quo. She continuously augments her education and exposure through a variety of course studies in Chicago and New York.

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